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Hair and Make-up

Shea recommends professional makeup and styling for all her adult female clients. For men, we can take care of retouching during post production eliminating the need for this service for our male clients. We recommend that both men and women see their regular stylist prior to booking a session.

The Headshot Studio works with professional stylists who work closely with Shea on a regular basis. They understand how she shoots and the use of camera ready make-up application. They are trained in both makeup and hair touch up and are there to collaborate with you to create the most polished and professional appearance enhancing your overall photography results.

Makeup takes approximately 30 min, and you will pay your stylist directly. Investing in professional makeup services will provide you with a look that is polished and fresh before your session begins. Studio lighting is very bright, which helps to even out skin tone, reduce shine, and define eyes and lips. However, it can wash you out so a professional make-up artist will know how to bring out your best features with the right make-up for studio lighting. Think glowing skin while enhancing your features.

Thus, when you look your absolute best, you feel your absolute best boosting your overall confidence when you step in front of the camera. It is not a vanity treat but an investment in yourself. Your personal Brand.

What to Wear

The most challenging part of preparing for a headshot session is trying to figure out what to wear. Overall there are no hard and fast rules, but there are many factors to consider in order to ensure that you look your best.

Be sure to choose clothing appropriate for your type of work and industry position. If in doubt go more conservative with a classic neckline that’s flattering. A V-neck gives length and height to shorter necks, while tank tops may flatter toned arms. If you love your arms – tank tops can work nicely, however, long sleeves work better than short sleeves. Add a lightweight tailored jacket over a tank to cover arms and give a more polished look.

The neckline is very important! Fitted and tailored clothing works best. It is important to note that loose or baggy tops will make you look larger than you desire. Photoshop can fix pimples, wrinkles, and shine, but
oversized or undersized clothing can ruin a great headshot any day.

In general solids are better than patterns. Avoid pastels if you have light skin tone – they can wash you out. If in doubt bring one neutral that is light (think cream,beige or light gray), one neutral that is dark (think brown, smokey gray), and then one bright color option. Deep purples look good on every skin tone. Purple is like neutral gray but with a bit of color. If you have long dark brown or black hair and then wear black, your hair will blend more into the clothing, so you may want to consider a lighter colored top. Also keep in mind that as we age, lighter colors may be more flattering and fresh than all black as darker colors near face can draw more attention to

Accessories are fun, but be sure to choose accessories that do not overwhelm your face. The point of a headshot is to accurate your most engaging features, your face, so distracting from that was a giant pair of earrings or a monster necklace is not a good choice. Most earrings do not show much with longer hair styles, so choose wisely. Often we end up having to Photoshop out (remove) earrings because the reflection looks odd or the headshot looks odd with only one earring showing. While Photoshop can crop out the little things, larger pieces could cause for delayed photo delivery, or strange retouching.

Need a second opinion?

We’re here to help.  Contact us before your session

and we’ll walk you through it.



What NOT to Wear

Styling selections to AVOID!

Headshot Tips

Avoid too loose or baggy clothing, see through tops, wrinkled tops, crazy busy patterns, big ruffles, (sometimes cap sleeves or loose short sleeves do not work well), jackets that are too small for you, shirts that are too tight causing your buttons to look like they could pop out at any moment.

Yes, these all probably seem like no brainers, but you’d be surprised how many people bring these kinds of items to their shoots. Once you’re here, what you’ve got is all we’ve got to work with. That shirt that fit “perfectly” a few years ago might not fit so well today, so be sure to test everything.

Trends may seem fashionable today, but keeping with a clean classy look will ensure that your photos will last years longer and still flatter your best assets. It’s always my goal to create a truly visionary photography experience for you from start to finish. This includes styling, makeup and hair, and wardrobe. Contrary to popular belief, there are really no absolutes when selecting wardrobe for headshots. So please bring anything that feels good and looks good on you.

Also, consider the option to schedule a pre-shoot wardrobe consultation with myself or one of my professional stylists so that we can ensure you look and feel your absolute best for your session.

  • Make sure you are well rested and hydrated in the DAYS prior to the session
  • Arrive with clean dry hair and skin (no makeup) if you booked a session with The Headshot Studio make-up Artist
  • Arrive with hair & makeup done as you would normally wear it if you are not getting it done professionally
  • Bring along AT LEAST 4-6 options for tops, with a variety of necklines and strap styles
  • No wildly charismatic tops with complex patterns
  • No tops with branded logos or text
  • If you have long hair please don’t tie it back before the session to avoid creasing your hair but bring along some quality hair ties & clips
  • If it concerns you, please address any manicuring of eyebrows / facial hair a couple of days before the session

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